About Us

Complete Landscape Edging (and American Curb) is a family owned and operated business located near the Arlington/Stanwood WA communities. We have been installing continuous cement edging in the Pacific NW for over 18 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality, beautiful work that will enhance the value of your home and reduce your long-term maintenance at a reasonable price. Cement edging can be set flush with your grass to allow for easy mowing and reduced weed-eating while providing a barrier for flower beds, driveways, walkways and gardens.

We also offer commercial curbing for commercial landscaping applications and parking lots, as well as repair work. Many of the larger, commercial curbing companies avoid smaller commercial repair work due to the cost and cumbersome nature of their equipment which makes the jobs inefficient and costly. Our smaller, flexible machinery and ability to mix cement on site reduces repair costs and allows for even the smallest jobs to be cost effective.

Complete Landscape Edging has the largest assortment of stamps, colors, sizes, shapes and styles in the area for continuous landscape curb options, including the new Carved Stone Look – check it out!

In 2013, Complete Landscape Edging purchased American Curb & Edging, so you may see both names associated with our company. However, we are one and the same company with the same crews. We are proud to have our son James now managing a crew for us and providing a way to keep the business alive for decades to come. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!!

Custom Fire Pits

Custom Fire Pits are fast, easy and less expensive when using curbing as the border.  Use a tight inner circle for the fire area, and a wider outer circle surrounding it to fill in with gravel or pavers and provide an area for chairs or a hearth.  Get creative!  Tie into pathways for a park like landscape.

On Asphalt

A common and efficient way to border your driveway.  Can be done along gravel driveways or along asphalt.  Keep cars from straying where they don’t belong!  Larger sizes available for greater durability against vehicle abuse.  Colors and stamps available as well.