Step 1

step 1 pictureThe ground is prepared for the concrete curb installation. This step includes trenching and ground preparation.

We use a sod cutter or trencher to cut a trench about 2″ deep and 10″ wide.  This will ensure that the front edge of the curbing is the same height as the firm sod.

Some taller curbs may require deeper trenches.


Step 2step 2 picture

Concrete is mixed in the exact proportions in our concrete mixer.

The combination of gravel, sand, Portland Cement and poly fiber bonding materials ensures that your curb is strong and durable.


Step 3Step 3

The mixed concrete is carefully carried to our curb extruder machine where we create a beautiful, continuous concrete border.


Step 4Step 4

Specially designed hand tools and expert workmanship are used to finish the border.

In this step we finish off the border to your specifications and seal the concrete for added protection from the elements.


Step 5Step 5

If we are installing one of our stamped designs for you, we employ other steps of coloring, stamping and texturing.

Our custom design series can provide the look of wood, brick or stone.